Product Care

So, you wanna know more about Whatever Resinates?

Well you surely have come to the best place to learn! Below are a few things to keep in mind when caring for your piece. 

Caring for your pieces:

  • If your piece gets dirty, clean with a damp, soft cloth with mild dish soap. An abrasive surface can leave scratches and scuffs on your piece.
  • If your piece has metal on it, remove when showering, swimming, etc. to prevent/ slow down the metal from tarnishing.
  • The resin I use for all pieces is UV resistant. This means the natural yellowing of resin is significantly slowed, but over time slight yellowing can occur. To avoid this, keep your piece out of constant sunlight, a little is okay though.
  • If your piece is heated up, it can warp slightly. Do not fret! This is easily remedied, just lay your piece on a flat surface and it will return to its normal shape.
  • Keep sharp objects away from your resin piece. While resin is durable, it is not scratch resistant. Treat your pieces with care, they are delicate pieces of art.
  • Oils and harsh chemicals can tarnish the surface of your piece. Once again, please take care of the art.
  • Most, most, most important, enjoy your piece! Each and every piece I make is filled with love and thought, and they need appreciation<3