"Every time I wear my earrings I get complements from strangers! They are well crafted and the attention to small details in the earrings make them my favorite pair! The placement of the flowers are identical on both sides and that's truly amazing for a piece of handcrafted jewelry!"

- Sophie


 "I love Whatever Resinates so much! I own several pieces and every time I've bought something it arrives in the mail really quickly and is always more beautiful in person. I wear all my pieces all the time and love how unique they are."

- Renee


"The products from Whatever Resinates are amazing quality through and through. From the handpicked flowers to the thoughtful design of all the pieces, Rainy makes sure every thing is perfect and unique. I get compliments every time I wear the earrings I bought! I can't wait to see what else she has in store."



"Everything is perfect to give as a gift to loved ones! I love the adorable packing too!"



"The earrings I bought were great quality and so beautiful!"


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